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Help you feel excited to build your website as opposed to feeling overwhelm, dreading the process and putting it off.


Give You Confidence

Help you feel confident to launch your business with a website that you can edit as you please, no tech fears involved!

Start Your Website In Only 5 Days!

5 epic days with free lessons and simple daily action steps.

Before we Start

Set the Stage for a Successful Website

The first step you need to take so your website can “speak” straight to your customers and succeed at it.

Day 1 - Brand

Stand Out Online

Learn how to use color to convey your brand’s message on your site and get my best website branding tips.

Day 2 - Host

Find a Home for Your Website

Do the words domain, hosting, security, platforms, and addons make your head spin? Learn what they are once and for all.

Day 3 - Install

Connect the Dots

The tech tools you really need and how to connect all the moving pieces with zero tech stress.

Day 4 - Enhance

Demystifying WordPress, Plugins, and Themes

More than one in four websites you visit are likely powered by the powerful and flexible WordPress.

Day 5 - SELL

The Formula to a 24/7 Money-Making Website

What you need to include on your website to turn website visitors into fans and, best of all, clients!

Hosted by Sibila Ribeiro

Hey there! I'm Sibila!

I’m guessing you might be interested in knowing a bit more about this smiling lady hosting this challenge (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this section.) 😁

Well, I’ve been strategizing, designing, and developing websites for Fortune 5000 companies for the past 25 years, give or take.

I’ve also helped dozens of entrepreneurs from around the world build their own website with my step-by-step system, no code or computer-throwing involved.  

I created this free challenge for you, a service and/or digital product provider who is ready to kickstart your online journey and be in control of your business’ brand new website!

Come join in all the fun! 🎉 

Ready to (kick)start your website?

Make more progress in 5 days than you have all year.

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⚡️Free 5-Day Challenge!⚡️

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