Minimalist Visual Brand Style

Your brand style is minimalist, modern, and sophisticated.

The style is at its most basic, characterized by spareness and simplicity, stripped of unnecessary elements, colors, shapes, and textures.

You love shades of gray, white and beige, sometimes with a pop of color.

For you, everything needs to be organized, if possible in labeled folders and stored away so they are hidden from view.

You preach in favor of white space. A cluttered website turns you off and you won’t even let it load before clicking away.

Your favorite expression is “less is more.”

Minimalist blends well with other styles like Feminine, Luxe, Vibrant, Organic, and Serene.


Feminine Visual Brand Style

Your brand style is feminine, romantic, and delicate.

The style includes soft and thin lines, either in illustrations or fonts. Floral and lace textures, patterns, or designs are constantly present. Colors are rarely contrasting, often analogous or sometimes complementary.

You love all shades of pastel colors but pink and purple are your favorites. You might also nurture a special love for gold accents in textures and other design elements.

You’re always on the quest to make things pretty and a bouquet of flowers on your desk makes you smile all day long!

You’re passionate, approachable, and fun.

Feminine blends well with other styles like Minimalist, Luxe, Organic, and Serene.


Luxe Visual Brand Style

Your brand style is luxurious, elegant, and exclusive.

It’s timeless for the classic lines and fine details. It’s characterized by simplicity and an elegant flair with the use of deep and rich colors paired with gold, silver, or ivory.

You are attracted to patterns and they are almost a must in the Luxe style. They lend a feeling of sophistication to any design and used in the right way provides a lasting and strong brand.

You love textures like velvet and marble. It’s common to find gold or silver foil accents in your home decor, wardrobe, and workspace.

For you, luxury is more than aesthetics, it’s a lifestyle.

Luxe blends well with other styles like Minimalist, Feminine, Serene, and Vintage.


Vibrant Visual Brand Style

Your brand style is vibrant, fun, and exciting!

White space, bright colors, bold type, and fun imagery are the characteristics of this style. Playful patterns and expressive textures are constantly making an appearance, as well as contrasting colors. Fonts with fun and strong personality are the main choice.

You love colors and know exactly how to use them. You keep them around at home and in your workspace for a happy and creative mood.

Your energy is contagious and you’re a natural optimist. You remind us to have fun, be audacious, and to live in the moment.

For you, life’s a party.

Vibrant blends well with other styles like Minimalist, Organic, and Vintage.


Organic Visual Brand Style

Your brand style is organic, natural, and botanical.

Lighter colors, rounded natural forms, flowing lines, and softer shapes are the characteristics of this style. Designs are inspired by principles found in the world of nature.

You take pride in the sense of harmony you create around you, be it at home or in your workspace. You likely created a garden, big or small, to keep you grounded and at ease. Mason jars and hand-written signs delight you.

You have a warm and inviting personality and strive to create a sense of shelter and protection to those you love.

You’ll always pay homage to nature when you have a chance.

Organic blends well with other styles like Minimalist, Feminine, Vibrant, Serene, and Vintage.


Serene Visual Brand Style

Your brand style is serene, fresh and zen!

This breezy and relaxing visual brand style feels soothing and creates a tranquil and positive energy mood. It’s characterized by stone textures and patterns.

Calming colors is a must for this style but it can also be paired with a dash of saturated hues like teal, magenta, and purple as well as darker earthy colors.

You love the sunlight as well as the moonlight and you strive to bring that mood into your brand. You also enjoy the sound of water and a small tabletop fountain with natural stones might adorn your workspace.

You’re constantly showing up as a healer.

Serene blends well with other styles like Minimalist, Feminine, Luxe, and Organic.


Vintage Visual Brand Style

You brand style is vintage, cozy, and chic.

This style looks into the past. Sometimes just a couple of decades, sometimes a little longer, depending on when and where you were born, so it’s particularly challenging to pinpoint specific elements without going into a long descriptive article about past eras being used as inspiration for the vintage styles of today.

Elaborate decorative designs, hand-written signs, script fonts, subdued or bright colors, and nostalgic elements are some visual clues for this style.

You enjoy elegance and a pleasant, nostalgic atmosphere, as if familiar for a long time. Elegant simplicity and the charm of decades-old design trends are comfortable and pleasing to you.

You’re a collector of all things you find beautiful that invoke the past.

Vintage blends well with other styles like Minimalist, Luxe, Vibrant and Organic.