Amy Porterfield Cheered Me On

This week, my mentor Amy Porterfield gave me a high-five…

…virtually, via live video!

She also gave me a “Consistency Award” 🏆

You weren’t sitting in my little home office to see me, but I did high-five her back, softly hitting my computer screen. ✋🏻

Ahhh the beauty of virtual meetings and live video….

You see, Amy’s been my coach and mentor for 2 years now.

She knows all the ups and downs I’ve been through to get this whole online business journey going from 1-on-1 service provider to course creator.

Ok, so the only thing she doesn’t know right now is that I’m taking the “Consistency Award” she just bestowed upon me and hiding in a tiny corner feeling a bit embarrassed.

Shhhh… don’t tell anyone 🤫 but I dropped the ball on my “consistency”.


There’s a good excuse though…

I launched my brand new program Rock Your Website just a few weeks ago. Hooray! 🥳🎉

And, unless you’re brand new to my email corner of the world, you got a lot of me for 7 straight days! 10 if you were on the program’s waitlist!

The program launch was a success and now I’m currently focused on my one-of-a-kind, awesome students. ❤️

Now that it seems my life is *relatively* back to normal (whatever normal 2020 seems to be) I’m back in your inbox to tell you no… today I don’t have a new video with an awesome tip to share.

But… I have a surprise!

If you’re reading this email and you’re thinking…

“Mmmmmm, I could create a digital course just like you, Sibila! I have this ‘thing’ everyone asks me to teach them how to do…” 🤔

Well, I have something for you…

That awesome human up there ☝🏻 who cheered me on with a high-five, my coach and mentor, Amy Porterfield, is letting me share a piece of the same program I went through to create my own.

Yep! You read me right!

Amy has opened up Module 1 of her signature program Digital Course Academy to the visionary and creative entrepreneurs who want to take a peek and experience the initial adventure of creating their own digital course.

Amy nicknamed this Module “Your Course Launch 101”.

Cute and very effective! 😊

I mean, it is THE keystone, base-of-it-all module.

She actually walks you through the 7 most critical decisions you need to make to create a killer online course, setting your overall strategy with a handful of smart choices even before you get started.

Amy also shows you how to map out your entire course creation plan so that you’ll know right away HOW you’re going to sell your program to the right people.

This couldn’t get any better!

But… before you go all crazy happy excited and click away to dive into an ENTIRE module of her Digital Course Academy, let me warn you…

This sweet, sweet deal expires soon! More specifically on September 2nd, 2020 at 11:59 pm PT.

Wait, did I say it was for free? Like, on the house?

Click here to get access to Module 1 of Digital Course Academy!

High Five!


PS: Watcha still doing over here? Go dive into Amy Porterfield’s Module 1 of Digital Course Academy like, now. This thing doesn’t last forever, you know? 😉

PPS: Wait… are you getting the same invite from “other” people popping in your inbox? Well, we’re all partners but I’m way more fun and I hear my link has a magic power that may bring a box of gorgeous surprises! 🎁

One more…

PPPS: Yes, I’m a VERY proud partner of Amy’s Digital Course Academy. Amy taught me everything I know about digital courses, and having my own has changed my business and my life. If I can help you experience the same, then I’m here for it!