8 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Website Content

When writing website content, you should put yourself in the shoes of your visitor. They’ve come to your website looking for valuable, interesting and helpful information they can use. If your website gives that to them, they’ll stick around and read more. Here are the 8 biggest mistakes people make when writing web content.

1. Wordiness

Website content shouldn’t be lofty-sounding or wordy. Write in a simple way and break up the text so that it’s easy to read. Remember that your website visitors are casual web surfers, not necessarily readers of Great Literature. Write in a simple way that anyone can easily understand

2. Keyword Stuffed

While keywords are still important in SEO, you should use them naturally. Don’t stuff your content with keywords. Not only will you make it harder to read, but you may also get penalized by search engines. They view it as an unethical trick.

3. Too Blah

Your content should be unique and not generic. Try to take an angle or present information you don’t see on other websites. Give it a personal touch and develop your own style of writing. Set yourself apart from other similar websites.

4. Boring

Your web content needs to grab attention. People surfing the web have notoriously short attention spans. Your titles, images and descriptions should draw them in and get them to read. Make your content stand out.

5. Irrelevant

Make sure your content meets the needs of your visitors. Try to discover what information they’re looking for or what problems they’re trying to solve. If you can speak to their needs and deliver what they need, your readers will love you for it.

6. Too Much Promotion

On promotional pages, like your product page, you should have promotional content. But your informational content shouldn’t promote at all. Provide useful information and your high-quality content will do the selling for you.

7. About You, Not the Reader

Don’t make your web content about you. Make it always focused on the reader. This is a little tricky with things like your About Us page, but speak directly to the reader’s needs and it can be done. Whenever describing a feature, explain how it’s useful for the reader.

8. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Finally, make sure your web content is error-free and written naturally. Simple spelling, grammar or word usage mistakes can cost a great deal of your readers’ trust.

Sibila Ribeiro

Sibila is a digital designer helping solopreneurs and small business owners build their online presence through a successful website, unique brand and lots of smart marketing strategies. Sibila has been part of the print & digital design industry since 1993 and her portfolio includes projects from national and international brands. Sibila is also a coder, but that's a secret she doesn't share much ? When she's not creating content for the web, you can find her chilling with her family at home or somewhere on this planet.

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